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: mitt romney grabbed a burrito bowl. doug hudson, andrew luntkin and chris conroy run bicycle companies in colorado. they took me out to red rocks. these guys will watch the debate, andrew hoping for a breakthrough by his candidate, mitt romney. >> i want him to talk about conservative values, especially economically, empowering small businesses. >> reporter: chris used to vote republican. not anymore. >> what really changed my mind recently is it seems to have gotten away from taking care of the little guy. >> reporter: doug is undecided. i'd like to see some details both from romney and obama mainly on tax policy. >> reporter: vice president biden charged team romney would hike middle class tax. >> how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class that's been buried the last four years. >> reporter: the republicans jumped on that. buried by obama? >> vice president biden just today said that the middle class over the last four years has been, quote, buried. we agree. that means we need to stop digging by electing mitt romney the next president of the united states. >> reporter: t
. >>> coming up, tom hanks unleashes a big one. scary moments as a searing line drive nails tigers pitcher doug fister right in the head. >>> sandy is heading through the northeast as we go through the end of the weekend and beginning of next week. details coming up. you're watching "early today." >>> in sports, san francisco has a two-games-to-none lead in the world series which gives them a 79% chance of winning it all. let's begin in the second inning. a wicked line drive hit to 6'4" pitcher doug fister right in the head. he said he was fine and he pitched six scoreless innings against the giants. in the seventh inning the giants had the rally caps on. a double play scores the first run of the game for san francisco. the giants got an insurance run in the eight and their bullpen closed out the tigers. >> a little pop-up. there's bill. giants up two games to nothing. >> that was it. the final score 2-0. game three will be saturday night in detroit are ryan vogelsong pitching for the giants against anibal sanchez for the tigers. >>> thursday night football, bucs, vikings. tampa quarterback jos
suit, said his friend, doug johnson. >> he was bad with money, and he was paperwork averse. he would just forget to file his taxes for a few years. >> reporter: how many years would he go? >> his record was eight. >> reporter: but then steven's father died, and the bad money manager was suddenly confronted with a windfall. steven inherited nearly $2 million. so now he would have to manage real money. >> he was trying to manage the estate, trying to get things organized, which, for steven, was an almost impossible battle. >> sure. >> reporter: but happily, there was harvey, the ex-banker to help him get the money socked away, a nice, safe tax haven, offshore. >> he said he's helping me with stuff, a retired financial planner and investment banker. >> reporter: just the sort of person i need right now. >> yeah, and boy, this would be a real great help. >> reporter: but that was just business. what really caught steven's imagination was sailing around the world. that is, if the boat ever got finished. >> because every time he turned around, it was a new computer being put in, or new pai
moments for tigers pitcher doug fister. we'll let you know how he's doing after the game. >>> good evening. a lot more sunshine today. temperatures warmed up a little bit. and that rainfall is on a push here off to the north. so, here we go. high pressure moving in for a warming weekend that even has 80s in your seven-day forecast. we'll let you know about our next storm system and rain coming up. >>> not old enough to legally ride a bike or scooter without a helmet. but old enough to work in the field? it's the harsh reality facing many migrant children. tonight, an nbc investigation, in child labor is prompting a new push to change the law. a california congresswoman is calling for a new law for kids who work in agriculture. stephen stock is back with the story. >> reporter: in a political season where the presidential campaign is gathering all the attention, there is a quiet movement starting on capitol hill right now to change the law governing children working in our fields. but even supporters of that proposed law admit that nothing is likely to happen quickly. and any change faces a
it go. get some rest and come back out here and focus on doug fister. >> all right. before we get out of here, we have a couple of scores from the college ranks. arizona 58-54. and cal ripped ucla 43-17. back to you. i know you're happy that the cal bears won. >> that was a big win for the bears today. absolutely. right now we want to check in with meteorologist rob, i'm a little nervous. we're about how good traffic was today. we have street fares, the 49ers game plus everything else tomorrow. it will still be nutty. >> we'll be adding a few more things to the mix. we'll talk about that. first off, detroit. if you wake up early, about 9:00 tomorrow morning. the game will be playing at comerica park. chillier in detroit. rain-free. they'll be seeing temperatures around the start of the game in the upper 50s and the low 50s as it goes on. the 49ers looking at the san francisco forecast. patches of low clouds. a little breezy at time. mid 60s. fleet week as the blue angels take flight around 3:00 to 4:00. we'll see partly cloudy skies turning over to some patchy low clouds. they should
for the giants and doug fisker starting for the tigers. >>> even though a full season isn't a reality for locked-out nhl players, the new york islanders have announced the team is going to move 26 miles to the brand-new barclays center in brooklyn as soon as 2015. >>> the nfl has embraced pink all throughout october for breast cancer awareness month, and during sunday night's jets/dolphins game, referees will be throwing pink penalty flags instead of yellow. this was an idea dreamed up by an 11-year-old boy from new jersey. good idea. >>> diego maradona was one of of the greatest soccer players of all time when he helped argentina win world cup championship. well, these days, maradona looks quite different at age 51, as he put on a show at a soccer stadium in india yesterday, dancing for the crowd. the man voted the top soccer player of the 20th century, he still has some mad soccer skills, so no complaints there from him. >>> just ahead, the world's oldest facebook user and you're into the going to believe how rich certain dearly departed celebs are. plus, actor tom cruise goes nuclear against
. giants are much happier about pablo's accomplishment. but the giants have a lot of work to do. doug fister will be on the mound for the tigsz. and madison baumgartner will be on the mound for the giants. he's made some tweaks to his mechanics. we'll see how it plays out. >> thank you so much. >>> fans are showing out plenty of money to witness history at at&t park. we checked stubhub this morning. standing room only tickets are going for upwards of $500 each. seats in the bleachers are good seats going for $2,200 each. i don't know about that good. and the upper deck will set you back at least $625. not just the tickets are expensive. parking near the stadium is going for as much as $130 per space. >> that's robbery. today the giants fans getting a shot to own some of the giants' history. nbc bay area's arturo santiago is live at at&t park where the team is selling some pretty hot stuff straight out of the postseason. looks good out there. good morning, arturo. >> reporter: really everything looks good, jon. the big rush for merchandise memorabilia obviously came right after last ni
. >>> doug fister grew up rooting for the giants. he grew up in merced, as for the giants pitcher, his story has been a bit dicey lately. scott reese continues our coverage. >> reporter: back on august 20th, baumgartner threw a shutout. it was all down hill from there. the earned run average up half a point from the end of the regular season. the playoffs been somewhat of a disaster. the giants believe they fixed a mechanical flaw. everyone has full confidence that he'll get it back together for game two. >> i want to go out there and try to keep us in the game and do a good job. i haven't done that yet this postseason. it will be nice to go out there and throw better for us. >> madison's a gamer. looking forward to seeing him play. looking forward to playing behind him. and we're excited. >> i feel good about madison. he's done a great job for us since he's been up here. including postseason. and it's a small sample on a couple hiccups he had earlier. i think he's getting some much needed rest and time to work on making a couple adjustments in his delivery. >> ball gartner has more of a leg
position. >> reporter: meanwhile, a scary moment for tigers pitcher doug fister who took a line drove off his head in the second inning. it was reminiscent when brandon mccarthy suffered a concussion on may 5th. he answered all of the concussion questions and retired 13 of the next 16 batters he faced. as for game three, it will feature vogelsong and sanchez. you guys, i know everybody was excited about the rally before his last start. i'm sure a lot of giants fans will be making those again tonight. >> jamie, i follow you on twitter. i see you are a chef, too. i'm sure you have your own recipe to cook up. >> multitalented. >> reporter: that is the one i put on there last week. >> thanks, jamie. >> full service here. >> the fans have to get adjusted to the new ballpark out there and much colder temperatures. let's bring in meteorologist rob mayeda. >> the chance of showers we could see in the games in detroit could clude snowshowers. let's show you the light rain passing over detroit. you see the frontal system moving on by. a bit of good news. game three and four, saturday and sunday, co
back out here and focus on doug fister. we're not a stranger to quick turnarounds. we've had all this traveling the last month. we're kind of used to it. just got to go home and get ready for it and have a nice breakfast, get some energy going tomorrow, and sleep on the plane. we can worry about being tire and resting when we get on that plane. >> game two is tomorrow morning, by the way. we'll have all your highlights for you. plus, before we get out of here, a couple of college football scores. stanford wins a thrill every over arizona in overtime. 54-48. and right now in the second quarter, cal leads ucla, 16-7. all your complete highlights coming up tonight, diane. don't cry yet. the bears haven't lost or anything like that. >> it's going to be okay. i feel good about it. all right. thanks, henry. we'll be right back with another look at the blue angels. ah. fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomatoes. do you churn your own butter what? too? this is going to give you a head start on your dinner. that seems easier sure does who are you? [ female announcer ] new
. >> cris: watch doug legursky. here's a guy playing basically in place of the best center in the game in maurkice pouncey. he has been terrific. willie colon helps on the double team and run up the gut and everybody in the house knows you're going to run the football and the pittsburgh steelers can still run it and now a little victory formation and well deserved. they have had a great game. >> al: the kneel-down will end it. steelers rushed for 167 yards tonight. they outgained them 431 to 185. the time of possession, almost 37 minutes. they win one on the road and their first division game of the season, so 1-0 in the afc north. and they can start looking up at the baltimore ravens and feeling a whole lot better about things, after the events of this sunday. they go home next week to take on the washington redskins. cincinnati will have a bye week and then face denver. 24-17, pittsburgh wins it in cincinnati. the wendy's postgame is coming up. . >>> so the steelers get back to 3-3. the bengals have now lost nine straight to the big boys of the afc north. pittsburgh and baltimore. th
everybody. >> but it was a beautiful wedding. >> this thursday i went to see motown -- >> our friend doug morris is producing a musical on the life of barry gordie. >> yeah, terrific. anyway, it was a lot of fun. fun to listen to all those old songs. >> it was a blast. in the middle of smoky robinson. >> who's that on the left? >> just someone else. >> anyway -- >> he's so cute. >> if you happen to be strolling through times square, and i hope are you on your way to the ticket sales, if you look up you will notice there is a big -- >> scandalous billboard. >> it is the, on broadway, between 46th and 47th. right in front of the tkts booth, where you can buy tickets. here's our little challenge for you. when you see that, if you're in new york on broadway between 46th and 47th. take a picture in front of it, be creative, be crazy. we're going to try to put them on the air and maybe we'll do something for the whackiest of august. >> absolutely we will. it's getting an awful lot of -- >> i'm sick of it. >> hoda is taking umbrage. >> arnold schwarzenegger has a new book out. i'm sure you know
offers but no deal yet. the house as you can see here not exactly prime real estate. >>> doug fister took the scary line drive comebacker to the head. despite the concerns of swelling, is scheduled to undergo more testing today. jim leland gave us this update. >> he was sitting behind his folks and i had a nice conference with him, this morning he didn't remember our conversation, no, i'm just kidding. i did talk to him last night on the plane and he seemed fine. he's a little sore but there didn't appear to be anything that looked alarming like loss or memory. he looked fine and ips looked fine and they checked him out. i think he's fine. >> you know, the oakland a's have the most bay area world series titles thanks to the back to back wins. 1970s and tonight we present the forgotten dynasty on comcast sports net, california. the 49ers played three games in 11 days and now in a span of another 11 days, they are in between games. they are on the road for the first time in october taking on the cardinals this sunday and as you might imagine, as always, the offense to run right through, sea
'll put this to you, doug, what to do to really make the application stand out. >> i think the best information i would give is to be authentic and describe who you are and let us understand what you want. don't write to us and tell us who you are because we're building a community, not filling a classroom. >> talking about the dreaded essay, of course. the point you is want to make it personal. can you tell when it's been overedited or adults have maybe even written it? >> yeah. a lot of times, particularly when the adults sign the application, you know -- >> does that really happen? >> that happens sometimes. it feels a little bit more packaged. it's not about the students so much when someone else is writing it. we don't hear their voice. we don't understand what makes them tick and that's what we're looking for. >> can you forgive something a little less than polished if you feel it's authentic? >> i think you can. i think at times, you know, it's an individual review. you look at everything, and you say, well, where does this fit in the whole package of the application? >> elle
. bob and doug mackenzie, we like it. let's show you what's happening as far as your weather is concerned. pick city today l.a., showers, thunderstorms, 66 degrees. not used to that. as we show you our satellite radar, a lot of wet weather. this upper level low spinning around, bringing that wet weather to the south lands and the southwest. also a frontal system bringing snow showers through the u.p. of michigan and parts of the upper midwest. look for breezy conditions here in the northeast with some morning showers. gulf coast looking pretty darn good. that's what's going on around >>> 8:06 now. a live look over the bay bridge. you can see plenty of clouds overhead. also getting some very light activity when it comes to rainfall. that's going to intensify as we head through the second half of the day into the evening. 5:00 p.m., yeah, expecting more showers even all of the way through 9:00 p.m. along the peninsula and through the east bay tomorrow morning. we'll finally get rid of that chance heading through the second half of your saturday. 70 degrees in livermore. 63 in s
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)